Wednesday, 21 November 2012

London Tourist Attractions and Places to Stay

Why do I love London, the good old smoke as my Mum and Dad Londoners call it.

My family was originally from London, I still have some family who live in London. At one time I run a Limousine service in Wiltshire, London was a favourite destitution for people to go and stay in hotels in London.  People also enjoyed visiting night clubs like tiger tiger in Haymarket Street.

My advice to anyone going to London is check it out with Google Maps. I have tried to find hotels and some of them you would wonder how they trade. They are so hidden. Always keep your valuables at hand. Do not leave valuable cameras in the hotel reception area for the Hotel Porters to look after, they will be on ebay next week I can well assure you. 

I did love parking up and taking a walk into China town and seeing the sites and bright lights a short distance away in Leicester Square. People always got caught out when driving through Kensington they would be begging me to stop so they could use the loo. It would sometimes be a funny site someone running along the road after the car after the traffic jam had broken.

I did enjoy going to the pub up on Blackheath common and having pie and mash. It is not far from the O2. From Blackheath I would sometimes walk down to Greenwich and go to Greenwich Market. I have phoned my parents from here and they said they did their courting on Greenwich Pier, It must have been completely after the war. London has cleaned up its act at one time with the smog you could not even see over the road. 
London is going to celebrating the Olympics shortly, it is going to be amazing with the athletes competing over a six week period in the great capital.

We have dropped people off when we have taken people to the Wembley arena and then gone onto Kingston Upon Thames it is a great place to go for a walk along the river and have a nice meal in the town. You can sometimes see deer in the local park.
Some people enjoy finding accommodation on the outskirts of London because it so easy to get to by train and other modes of public transport.

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