Thursday, 1 November 2012

Swindon Hotels and places to visit

Swindon is an ideal place to stay to go onto other areas in Wiltshire because it is close to all amenities; you can quickly jump on a train and go to Bristol, Bath, Chippenham, London or Reading.

A few miles down the road you have the Cotswolds, Cirencester, Cheltenham and much more.
Swindon originally was town which grew from a small pig farming community hence the name swine town. Local councillors have in their wisdom tried to change it to Thamesdown to no avail.

Towards the lower end of the town you can see the old railway houses. They are sturdy solid little terraced house which are very close together with very small back yards. As you drive along London Road you can see the old remnants of the railway works. Up until the 1970’s every morning and lunch time the load siren would sound to remind the works to return back to work (The workers could tell the time however I suspect lots of them never wanted to return to the dirty environments they worked in. The railways used lots of materials such as asbestos and produced lots of steam engine parts from raw materials which involved moulding and smelting the parts).

In the main part of Swindon you can see the areas where the Canal run through the town in places like the Brunel Centre you have Canal Walk and along Queens Drive. Some of the Canal is being restored and there was talk about reinstating it in the main town in years to come.

We prefer to spend our time in Swindon Old Town the shops are nicer and there are some nice pubs and places to eat out there. If you decide to find the Town gardens you might be treated to some music being played in Gardens. On Sundays they have brass bands playing and during the summer months live bands play in the bowl in the centre of the Gardens. The gardens have a bird Avery and a small fish pond. During the month of August it usually hosts the Swindon Mela please click here on the link to read more.

Swindon has various parks to visit. For keen fisherman there is Coate Water Country Park. It has a miniature railway and areas for toddlers to play. Towards the back of the park there is a small nature reserve and if you feel energetic enough you will walk past the Broome manor golf course. As you walk around the Park you will see people running, fishing and families sitting down having fun socialising together. The local council is thinking of redeveloping one of the main jewels of Swindon and people keep trying to get permission to build there and so visit it whilst you can. It is not uncommon in Swindon for the Council to completely knock something down or leave it to become derelict and then decade’s later try to restore or rebuild it.

Blooms Garden Centre

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