Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Travel and Tourist Guide

What are you looking for?

We start out by visiting details on sites like Tripadvisor, Gazzetters and Foders travel, tour guides to see what other travelers think before we book any trip. We also check out with friends, relatives and colleagues places they have been to.
We look at travellers reviews, local amenities. What the temperate is like at the time of year we are going. Price, is it best to go full board, half board or self catering? Some resorts are very expensive to eat out and it can be cheaper to go full board. Why not bring up Google maps and check out where you are staying or thinking of staying?
If you are going on a long stay to somewhere further a field like Asia you do not want to take too many clothes, why not pack some old clothes and leave them there and bring some new ones home. Remember if you by what what the locals are wearing it will not look the same when you wear it out on shopping trip down your local high street.
Why not visit your local Library and see if there is any tour books covering the area you are thinking of visiting. Lots of satellite channels have travel programs, why not record them for future reference?

Choose your travel agent wisely:

Make sure they are ABTA covered and you have proper holiday insurance.
Check out the local cuisine before you go there. When you get to your resort find out where the locals eat, this is as good as recommendation as you can get however I did once go to a Turkish market where the locals were eating and I asked what was in the meat dish the owner barked meat it did not look good.

Cheap holidays, price does not always reflect value:

You might pay less to go self catering however it might end up costing you more in the long run if it is more expensive to eat out.

What is of most importance to you when booking your holiday?

It is import for you to have the latest information on hotels and restaurants, car hire and airport parking.
If you book car parking it is always a good idea to check the car park location on Google Maps. I have pre-booked car parking in advance and the car park had changed it's name. In desperation we parked the car in any old car park we could find, when we went to pay for the ticket we found out we were in the correct car park.
Check out your hotel and car journey on Google Maps. I know of someone who booked a hotel and when they turned up the picture on the website looked nothing like it did in real life.

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