Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Marlborough Tourist Attractions

Marlborough is a lovely market town in Wiltshire that regularly hosts a market on Saturdays and Wednesday, the town also has a mop which is part of a 800 year old tradition. The Mop Fairs are charter fairs, part of the ancient charter of Marlborough going back to 1204. The mop is a large fair, which is hosted twice a year, which should take, place which on the Saturdays either side of October 11.

There is a lovely car park off the high street with a river running through it.

There are plenty of hotels, pubs and tearooms in the town centre. One of them being the Polly Tea Rooms established in 1932. You must be prepared to queue to visit these fine tearooms.

If you go up the long winding road out of Marlborough you will come to the very large Marlborough Forest at the top of the hill. There is a picnic barbecue area. You can also camp in the forest. One of the oldest trees is the Big Bellied Oak, which is very noticeable on the side of the Postern Hill Campsite.

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