Monday, 29 October 2012

Ferrari car experience Thruxton

There is nothing more thrilling than driving a Ferrari, how do I know because I have experienced it at Thruxton.
It is a great thing to experience with the family however as my brother in-law says it is more thrilling for the person doing all of the driving.

Birthday experienceSuper car driving experience

Special gift experienc

Super Car

Experience Day
What you have to remember is it is not just the driving experience of driving your car around the track there is also the pleasure of seeing all of the cars around being driven and the ones waiting to be driven.  It was like a great big super car show for us all to walk around.
My driving experience in a FerrariFerrari thrill experience

It is great getting up close and feeling how the car handles and feels close up.  It is great for a petrol head like me to look forward to this experience and having instruction on how to drive the car to the best of the cars and my ability.

My dad is too old to drive, he did at one time drive buses and Lorries, he said to my partner he sometimes falls asleep and imagines he is driving back from the coast after a day out.  This might be an experience I will remember when I can no longer get behind a wheel.

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