Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Helicopter Thrill Experience at Thruxton

If you have relished the idea of flying in a helicopter we can recommend and tell you about the flying experience we had at Thruxton.
On the morning of the experience we arrived early.  The weather was good as predicted by the telephone service you phone before attended to make sure everything is going ahead.

The staff was polite and professional I checked in with my photo id and voucher. There was coffee machine and lots of information about becoming a pilot and the aircraft. After we announced our arrival we went outside to watch the preparation and departure of the Hampshire air ambulance.

Hampshire Thruxton HelicopterThere was also large American maintenance and emergency vehicles manoeuvring around the area. When we went back into the reception area there was a family. Because I arrived early they said I was going to be sat next to the pilot. The family asked if I would let a little boy sit next to the pilot because it was his Birthday. I asked if my vision would be impaired, they said no and so I let him sit in the front. The helicopter could hold up to 4 people including pilot.

We waited for the first lot of people to enjoy their experience which took about 5 minutes and then it was our turn. Whilst waiting I asked how many passengers they deal with at Thruxton they said up to 150 on a good day. At reading they can take up to 250.

Birthday gifts

London, Reading, Hampshire HelicopterI was the first on to be loaded into the back of the chopper. I put my headset on and then waited for the young lad and father to board the helicopter. The pilot checked to make sure we were all OK. As we took off the father got his iPod out and filmed the experience. I thought this was a good idea because it was not too bulky and he could also look around.

Flying over the countryside is amazing, it is very exhilarating as the helicopter lifts and then turns around and climbs in the air and you wish you had brought your stomach with you. After a while your stomach settles down. The pilot manoeuvres the helicopter as much as he can, it felt like the helicopter moved up to the left and then to right about 45 degrees.
Helicopter Experience Thruxton

The pilot said on the trill experience flights he said he is somewhat limited however all 3 passengers were happy with the helicopter experience and if we were nervous at the beginning we walked away feeling confident in the pilots skills and would not be so nervous about any further flight experiences in other aircraft. I have had other experiences and this is one of the ones I would rate at the top of my list.

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